Harvey "Smokey" Daniels has been a city and suburban public school teacher, a university professor, a classroom consultant, writer, and book editor. He is the author of 18 books (and associated videos) on literacy, language, literature, and school change, published by Heinemann, Stenhouse, Corwin, and NCTE. All of Smokey’s work is aimed at bringing life to educational standards – making classrooms places of curiosity, engagement, collaboration, knowledge-building, caring, and taking action for social justice.

To support schools and teachers, Smokey does workshops, long-term consultancies, multi-day national institutes, classroom demonstration lessons, webinars, literacy coach training, and administrator events. Last year he carried on this work in 23 states and four provinces of Canada. In 2012, Smokey was given the Exemplary Leadership award from the National Council of Teachers of English. He also received the President’s Award from the Wisconsin Reading Association in 2011.


Among Smokey’s best-known titles are Best Practice: Bringing Standards to Life in America’s Classrooms (2012); Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups (2002); Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action (2010); Texts and Lessons for Content Area Reading (2011); Texts and Lessons for Teaching Literature (2013); Subjects Matter: Every Teacher's Guide to Content-Area Reading, and Content Area Writing (2005). His latest book, written with wife Elaine, is The Best Kept Teaching Secret: How Written Conversations Engage Students, Build Knowledge, and Grow Fluent Writers (September, 2013).

After living and teaching in Chicago for many years, Smokey and Elaine, also a teacher educator, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she teaches at Santa Fe Community College and Smokey gets on airplanes. In his non-work hours, Smokey serves as a trail steward in the Galisteo Basin Preserve, 6,000 acres of beautiful high desert terrain.

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